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Chemistry GCSE
Mathematics GCSE, A-Level
Physics GCSE

Fee: Tier 2: £17-42/hr
Last Active: Mar 2016
Nearby Postcodes: N4
Degree 2015 Earth Sciences University of Oxford

Private Tuition156hrs


Type Name Grade Year Awarded/ Expected Institution/ School
Degree Earth Sciences 2015 University of Oxford
A Level Mathematics A* 2011 Fitzharrys School
A Level Further Mathematics A* 2011 Fitzharrys School
A Level Physics A 2011 Fitzharrys School
A Level Chemistry A 2011 Fitzharrys School

Teaching Experience:

Private TuitionTeaching Maths at GCSE, AS, and A2 level. Across a range of syllabuses including OCR, OCR Mei, Edexcel, AQA. Ages 15-18.Oct 2014 - Sep 2015100 hours
Private TuitionTutored younger sibling with GCSE maths, physics, chemistry, and GCE maths and further maths. Increased maths module results 20-30% in 6-8 hours.Jun 2012 - Jun 201450 hours
Private TuitionTutoring AS/A2 Level Maths 4 Hours a weekOct 2014 - Jul 20156 hours

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