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ref:70049 Surname: Piggins
Business Studies GCSE, A-Level,
Government and Politics GCSE, A-Level,
History KS3, GCSE, A-Level,

Fee: Tier 2: £17-42/hr
Last Active: Feb 2015
Nearby Postcodes: SW17, W14
Degree 2012 Politics and International Relations University of Exeter

Private Tuition65hrs


Type Name Grade Year Awarded/ Expected Institution/ School
Degree Politics and International Relations 2:1 2012 University of Exeter
A Level Politics A 2008 Warwick School
A Level History A 2008 Warwick School
A Level Business Studies A 2008 Warwick School

Teaching Experience:

Private TuitionI have tutored a number of different students in both Politics and Business Studies in preparation for their A level exams.Jul 2014 - Aug 201465 hours

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