Explaining the Blue Tutors Teaching Levels

There are four levels that a tutor can achieve at an assessment, 4 being the highest level, and 1 the lowest. Our assessments are completely objective, and test each fundamental aspect of one-to-one tuition. This means that we can clearly explain how tutors may improve their lessons to make their teaching more effective, and to students we can communicate a tutor's competency in the different skills required to teach effectively.

We want to emphasise that our assessment is difficult, and tutors shouldn't be dispirited if they don't achieve the highest level; passing the assessment is a great achievement. We encourage continual development, and are happy to reassess a tutor who would like to improve his or her level.
Similarly, students should be aware that any tutor who has passed an assessment has achieved a standard that makes us proud to call them a Blue Tutor. A level 1 tutor is still a good tutor, it's just that a level 4 tutor has been judged to be exceptional.

Below is a brief explanation of each of the different levels.

Level 4

A level 4 tutor requires students to demonstrate understanding of what is being taught. This goes beyond ensuring that a student can reach a 'correct' answer, and requires the student to verbalise the thought process in reaching the answer, so that the tutor can confirm that concepts and ideas have been thoroughly understood.
The tutor isn't dictatorial, and gives the student the space to make important decisions in the learning process. The tutor realises that it's important to develop the student's skill to learn independently.

Level 3

A level 3 tutor thoroughly examines a student's ability to answer questions on the topics taught. The tutor will stretch the student to answer questions which may not have been seen before, so the student will be required to be creative and insightful when learning. The student will be prepared for situations where they are tested in an original way.

Level 2

A level 2 tutor tests a student's skill in recalling information previously learnt, and recapping concepts and ideas that have been discussed in a lesson; a vital ability when preparing for exams. The tutor ensures that the student is very involved in the lesson, and cannot be passive.

Level 1

A level 1 tutor has excellent communication, and gives a student access to the information needed to understand difficult concepts and ideas.

To understand the theory behind developing the skills mentioned above, please read Tutoring Standards' Pedagogy.

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