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Making the Most of Your Tuition

We will always attempt to provide whatever you would like, but this list contains some ideas which, in our experience, will improve the effectiveness of your tuition.

• Spread your lessons out

If you are thinking of having ten lessons in the week before your exams, we would suggest that instead you begin ten weeks before your exams, having one lesson per week. Our tutors are very good at giving last minute exam help and advice, but you will truly benefit the most when you give our tutors time to get to know you, your learning styles and to monitor your progress over a longer period of time.

• Give us as much information as possible

Never worry whether there is something that you think we don't want to know. It is often the small details that ensure we find the best tutor for you. Also, if you tell us which examining board sets the paper that you or the tutee is studying towards it is very useful.

• Keep us informed

We are always more than happy to hear how you feel about your tuition. Any problems are ours, not yours, and it’s more than likely that we will be able to give you advice and assistance in any situation.

Young Tutor and Student Using Calculator

• Be prepared for the first lesson

Bring anything to the first lesson that may help our tutor to decide the best course of action. You should realise that the first lesson is a good chance for tutor and tutee to discuss their expectations of each other, and for the tutor to obtain a detailed idea of the tutee's current strengths and weaknesses. The first lesson tends to be fairly different from future lessons.

• Work as hard as you would if you did not have a tutor

Having a tutor is no replacement for studying. It is true that the enthusiasm of our tutors is infectious and tutees really begin to enjoy their subject and study more, but you should guard against any complacency and ensure that you work hard outside of your lessons.