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Established in 2004, we've built a network of tutors across the UK, which has spread globally as online tuition has become more popular.


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Why Blue Tutors?

Joining Blue Tutors will give you access to your ideal tutoring opportunities, matching you with students you'll love teaching, students who can broaden their horizons with your help.

We are unashamed geeks and think that learning is fun, and helping someone to learn is one of the most rewarding things you can do!

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Our values are really important to us, and we give new meaning to expert tuition. All of our tutors have excelled academically, of course, with over 90% gradutaing from Oxford or Cambridge University, and we ask our tutors to follow Tutoring Standards' pedagogy and reflect on their tutoring performance after every lesson.

The advice and training we provide means that even if you're an amazing tutor now, we will make you better!

It might sound boring but communication and reliability are key parts of what makes everything work so well at Blue Tutors. The value of being committed to a student cannot be underestimated, and when you begin lessons with a student we ask that you share that commitment.

Our feedback system ensures that you and the student or parent gets the support and help whenever needed, and when a student tells us how amazing their tutor is (and they almost always do!) that feedback boosts your profile and builds your reputation as a top tier tutor.

So Should You Join?

If you're encouraged by what you've read above. If you're committed to your students, committed to becoming a better tutor and want to make a huge difference to a student's progress then yes! You'll want to a be Blue Tutor and we want you! Our team of tutors must share the same values, but after that we could not be more diverse.

Please don't let anything discourage you from applying to be a Blue Tutor; we recruit tutors with differing experience and educational backgrounds to suit a wide range of students

The Application Process

Our recruitment process is friendly, straightforward and quick. There are no unnecessary hoops to jump through; we ask only for information relevant to the role. Whether you choose an interview with us or passing your Tutoring Standards assessment, register as a Blue Tutor now and we'll guide you through the process.

  1. Register with us and enter your qualifications, experience and the subjects you want to tutor
  2. Attend an online interview with us
  3. Pass Tutoring Standards' Professional Tutoring Certificate
  4. Begin the most fun and rewarding job you'll ever do!
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