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About Us

Why Blue Tutors?

What makes us special?

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Our Values

  1. 01PedagogyThe way we teach is fundamental. Our tutors follow Tutoring Standards Pedagogy where the focus is on the student who must demonstrate understanding.
  2. 02CommitmentThis is not just a job. Our tutors are invested in their students' long term success from the first lesson right up to the exams.
  3. 03AcademiaDo we know our subjects? Oxford and Cambridge only accept the best, and we pick from them! Our tutors are the best in the business.
  4. 04CommunicationOpen and honest communication allows us to make sure we're doing what's best for each of our students. Please ask us for anything.

Who Are Our Tutors?

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When we began Blue Tutors over 15 years ago we were actually called Cambridge Tutors and quickly created a sister Company, Oxford Tutors. It was great to be working with so many amazing tutors but we also knew other tutors who met our high standards and wanted to work with us. Blue Tutors was born, "blue" being a nod to Oxford and Cambridge's university colours, and now we felt happy to recruit non-Oxbridge, but still amazing, tutors.

The Blue Tutors team is a real mix of experienced tutors with a track record of success and young enthusiastic tutors just starting out on their tutoring journey. There is a perfect tutor for everyone and some people benefit from a tutor close to their age with whom they can relate, and others prefer a tutor who feels senior to them.

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When it comes to our tutors we are unashmedly elitest; we want to work with the best academics and we make sure they care about continually working on their tutoring skill. However, when it comes to our students we want to help everyone. Our students are from varied backgrounds, each has different goals, and we try our hardest for all of them.

How We Recruit

So How Does It All Work?

We make everything simple and straightforward. From the moment you get in touch until you achieve what you want; whether that's exam success or a better understanding of a subject.

  1. 1 Tell us your requirements or complete a form on our website. We like to have as much information as possible; tell us exactly what you want; your dream scenario
  2. 2 We'll find the perfect tutor for you, or you can choose from a selection of amazing tutors
  3. 3 You're put in touch with your tutor to arrange your first lesson. Your tutor will help to make sure that this is easy and that you're well prepared
  4. 4 It's important that you're 100% happy, and if not, we'll continue to look for another tutor until you are
  5. 5 Throughout the course of lessons we'll get feedback from you and your tutor. If you have any questions about anything then we'll always be happy to help!
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Our Roots

Blue Tutors was started in 2004 by Pete Edwards after graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge. Like many recent graduates, Pete felt unsure of which career path to follow. He decided to take some time out and tutor students in and around London whilst thinking about his long-term future. Pete quickly realised that he had a passion for teaching, and wanted to create a new tuition agency which focused on high quality tuition.

Pete Edwards

Our dream was to have the most amazing tutor available for each of our students. We wanted to raise the bar for tutors everywhere and make sure that no one ever settled for a tutor who was just ok or who was simply convenient. This was always difficult because of the logistics of finding a face to face tutor for each of our students. However, the dramatic increase in online tutoring, particularly since 2020, has made our dream a reality.

We've grown to more than 9000 tutors and online tuition means that many of our tutors are now based outside of the UK. Our management team remains small, though, and we take pride making sure that we continue to provide the best possible service to every student we can help.