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Online Tuition

Since March 2020 the majority of our lessons have been online out of necessity, but this has removed a lot of the previous scepticism which previously surrounded online tuition. Obviously it takes time to adapt to learning over Zoom or Skype or whatever you choose to use, but technology has improved so much that lots of students find their online lessons as good as, or even better, than the face to face lessons they had before. If it's something you were previously reluctant to try, we urge you to give online lessons a go, you might be surprised.

Video Chat

The ability to chat face to face online is something with which everyone has become familiar, particularly younger students, and it can almost feel like being there now. The all important rapport developed between tutor and student will still exist with online lessons.


Recreating a space which both tutor and student can see and edit is a crucial feature for almost every subject, and an online whiteboard mimics this perfectly. Erasing mistakes is easy, and pages can be saved so they can be used in the next lesson or between lessons.

Teaching Materials

With online lessons there are no worries about forgetting something or not having information to hand. Our tutors have built a library of resources to help them tutor perfectly.

Flexible Lessons

When the tutor doesn't have to travel it's much easier to arrange lessons at short notice or start earlier or later. Our tutors are professional and value reliability, but online lessons make last minute changes of plan easier to deal with.


Just contact us if you would like more information on how we can help. There's no obligation to have a course of lessons if you're unsure how well online tuition will work. We will put you in touch with a tutor who will guide you through the process and you can see how the first lesson goes.