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Online Tuition

What is it?

Online Tuition refers to the help a tutor can provide when you are not having face-to-face lessons. You can send your queries and problems to your tutor by email or post and you may also be able to speak with your tutor over the phone or internet. Here are some of the common things that your tutor can help with:

Preparing Notes and Handouts
Preparing Model Answers
Preparing Questions
Marking Work

Please note that our tutors can help you to understand your homework or coursework but they will not do it for you.

If you require written help, such as work marking, the tutor will let you know the fee before they complete it. After you have agreed the fee for the work or any time spent talking you will need to make payment to your tutor or Blue Tutors. Once this has been received your tutor will complete the work for you.

How does it work?

Written Work
1. Inform your tutor exactly of what work you will require from them (work marking, note prep etc.). Please be as specific as possible.
2. Your tutor will give you an estimate of how long it will take them and the fee for the work. They may also clarify what they can provide if it is unclear or ambiguous.
3. You need to confirm with your tutor that this fee and work to be completed is okay.
4. We will confirm when Blue Tutors or the tutor have received the payment.
5. The tutor will send you the work.

Phone, Instant Messaging & Webcam 1. Agree the time, duration and fee of the lesson with the tutor.
2. Send payment to Blue Tutors or the tutor before the scheduled lesson. We will confirm when we have received the payment.

  1. "Thank you for your assistance, the tutor was reliable and very knowledgeable......we would recommend him, he knew his subject excellently."
  2. Mrs G, Stanmore