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Tutor Training

A Tutoring Qualification

For a number of years we asked tutors to prepare and teach a lesson as part of the application process, and we used this to make a decision about which tutors to take on. However, we realised that tutors develop their skill as they tutor and we want to encourage contintual development and a desire to improve among all of our tutors for as long as they're tutoring.

Tutoring Standards offer a professional tutoring qualification which objectively assesses a tutor's ability and gives constructive feedback on how to improve. Taking this qualfication is the best measure of tutoring ability that we know of, but it's also a great learning tool so that you can develop as a tutor.

When to get your Professional Tutoring Certificate

If you studied at Oxford or Cambridge University then you may have a preliminary interview with us and, if successful, you can begin tutoring without taking Tutoring Standards' assessment. However, once you have taught 20 lessons, we will ask you to book an assessment as part of your continuing development as a tutor. If you didn't go to Oxford or Cambridge then you will have to pass your assessment with Tutoring Standards to begin tutoring with us.

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