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Tuition Services

We excel at finding the perfect tutor for you. We will look for the tutor who suits your needs best, and will be able to commit to tutoring for as long as you would like them to. If we cannot meet your requirements completely we will let you know.

How it Works

1. You tell us your full requirements. The more information you can give us the better tutor we can find for you!

2. We will try to find the most suitable tutor for you. If we think they are almost perfect we will ask them to contact you directly. If not we call you to discuss the possible tutors we have or let you know that we have not been able to find anyone. If we don't find someone we will usually let you know within a few days.

3. Once you have spoken with the tutor you can arrange lessons with them immediately. If after speaking with them you feel they are not suitable just call us back and let us know you would like another tutor.

4. Usually you would pay the tutor at the end of each lesson. Of course if you have opted to pay us we will contact you to arrange the payment. If you wish to pay us directly you need to let us know before you arrange any lessons with your tutors.

Face-to-face Tuition

Our tutors will help with all aspects of your education. Obviously understanding the subject that you are studying is will always be our main objective, but we will also help with:

Exam technique
University applications
Essay writing
General study skills and time management

*please note that although we are happy to help a tutee to understand the concepts in their coursework, whatever a tutee submits to an examining body must be entirely their own work.

Online Tuition

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular, and our tutors are well equipped to make remote lessons as effective as possible. We appreciate that if you haven't been taught in this way before then you might be sceptical about how well it can work so you're welcome to try an online lesson without committing to them long term; it's so much better to have online lessons with one of our tutors, rather than face to face lessons with someone who can't tutor to the same standard.

Most tutors use Zoom or Skype for their online lessons, but we are flexible and if you're comfortable with another platform then please discuss that with us, we'll always be as accommodating as possible.

Please click here for more information on online tuition.