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Online Tuition

What is it?

Tutoring a student online refers to the help you may provide a student when you are not having face-to-face lessons. This may take several forms, the most common of which are:

Preparing Notes and Handouts
Preparing Model Answers
Preparing Questions
Marking Work
Speaking over the phone or internet

Do not be fooled into doing a student's homework or coursework for them! In general your time may be spent researching, reading, writing, writing emails, speaking on the phone, instant messaging and webcam, amongst other things.

What is it not?

If you teach a student in face-to-face lessons then you are expected to provide a certain amount of help outside of the lessons such as preparing quesions and marking work. As a rough guideline this will be between 5-30 mins per hour of lessons, on average, depending on the level of the tuition.

If the amount of work you are undertaking greatly exceeds this it should be considered as extra help, and would be classified as online tuition.

What are the fees and payment arrangements?

The fees for online tuition are the same as those for face to face tuition.

You should expect to be paid in advance. When this is impractical we would strongly recommend that you do no more than one hour's work in arrears. It can be extremely difficult to recover unpaid fees.

How does it work?

Written Work

1.The student or parent would suggest some work they would like you to complete (work marking, note prep etc.).
2.You should give them an estimate of how long it would take you and the fee for that work (fee is stated in the job description).
3.They should agree that this fee is okay.
4.You should then complete the work and request payment before sending them the work.
5.Once payment has cleared you should send them the work.

Phone, Instant Messaging & Webcam

1.Agree the time, duration and fee of the lesson with the student of parent.
2.You should make sure you have received payment before the lesson takes place (see payment notes above).