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Why Become a Blue Tutor

Established in 2004, Blue Tutors has built up a network of over 9000 tutors across the country who rely on us to find perfect tutoring positions. Whether you want to tutor as often as possible or just in university holidays, joining Blue Tutors will give you access to tutoring opportunities which suit you.

In addition to providing expert tuition, we give undergraduates, graduates and school teachers the chance to share their skills and knowledge, and build their CV. We also have a student feedback system which allows tutors to enhance their profiles and build their reputations as top tier tutors. Coupled with our support and tutoring advice, improving students' grades and confidence is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Applying to Join Blue Tutors

We are looking for friendly, dedicated tutors to teach our students all over the UK. There is no ideal candidate, and whilst we welcome experienced tutors, you don't need to have tutored before to apply. We have a diverse student base, and recruit tutors with differing experience and educational backgrounds to suit a wide range of students.

Please visit our Tutor Application FAQs for more information.

  1. "In terms of feedback on Gareth, I couldnt be more complimentary. Gareth was an absolutely indispensable resource during this revision period. He took me from a fail and almost no knowledge or ability in maths to a very strong handle on the subject and allowed me to ensure that I passed this vital exam and can proceed to the second year. As a very poor student when it came to maths I was very gladly surprised when I was making noticeable, sometimes very big, steps in every single lesson. In this way gareth was able to teach me and then help me master my entire years' courses' sylabus, and his approach, and sometimes multiple different approaches, to make me understand were always succesful. I never envisioned myself being as confident with maths as I am now, and owe a huge debt to Gareth for this. I will retain his number and im sure without fail will contact him in the future for assistence as well as refering others that come into problems, to your company."
  2. Mr O, London