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11+ and Common Entrance Tutors

Today, 11+ and Common Entrance exams have become just as important as GCSEs and A Levels when determining the next stage of a student's academic life, and for that reason many parents are now seeking 11+ tutors or Common Entrance tutors. Choosing a secondary school for your child can be a difficult and confusing process, as many schools have different exams, and often prefer students to think in a flexible and creative way, rather than to have been taught by rote. The best Entrance Exam tutors will relieve the pressure of applying to secondary school, and help to make learning enjoyable, whilst supporting your child throughout the application process.

Our 11+ and Common Entrance Tutors

Our tutors know all about the requirements for entrance exams, and many of them have achieved scholarships to top grammar and independent schools. We ensure that tutors are trained to focus on developing understanding, rather than making students more robotic so that they can only regurgitate something which has been done before. This is a key skill when studying for an entrance exam because the exams are designed to take young students out of their comfort zone, and they need to be able to think quickly and creatively, something which is only possible with a deep understanding of the subject matter. Also, because we have such experienced 11+ tutors and common entrance tutors, we can familiarise you and your child with the application process, identify areas which require improvement, and provide practice exams so that your child can prepare properly.

Schools, Subjects and Papers

Many schools use standard 7+, 11+, 13+ and Common Entrance papers, and others set their own, so it is important to find a tutor who knows the exam set by your child's chosen school. Many of our tutors attended schools such as Eton, Winchester, St Pauls, St Paul Girls, Tonbridge, The Henrietta Barnett School, The Latymer School, City of London School and Dulwich College, and can give advice on both the entrance process and the schools themselves. The most commonly requested subjects at this level are English and Maths, but entrance exams often require knowledge of a range of additional subjects, including Science, History, Geography, and Latin. When you request an 11+ tutor or a Common Entrance tutor, we will work with you to make sure that your tutor will give you the specialist help that you require.

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    • Isabel
    • Full Profile
        • PGCE
        • Modern Languages
        • University of East Anglia
        • 2003
        • Masters
        • Modern Languages
        • Cambridge
        • 1997
        • MA
        • Documentary Production & Direction
        • Salford University
        • 1997
        • Degree
        • Modern Languages
        • Cambridge
        • 1993
      1. School Teaching: 650 hours
      2. Private Tuition: 341 hours
      3. Seminars: 4 hours
    • I have worked for Cambridge Tutors since 2006 and have successfully tutored a range of students of varying backgrounds and abilities. I am a graduate of King's College, Cambridge (Modern Languages) a.....
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    • Ryan
    • Full Profile
        1. Private Tuition: 2 hours
        2. Classroom Assisstant: hours
      1. Hello, I am a tutor in and around Cambridge and also the Manchester area, helping students with mastering the content, developing ideas and revising key concepts of exam material. I am familiar with t.....
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      • Leon
      • Full Profile
          • Degree
          • History
          • University of Oxford
          • 2020
        1. Private Tuition: 320 hours
      • Hi! My name is Leon and I am currently studying a Master’s in Urban History and Culture in Paris having graduated from Oxford last year with a First in History. Throughout my degree I have consisten.....
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