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GCSE Tutors

One in 4 parents in the UK now hire a private tutor for their children, an increase of 40% over the last 10 years. GCSE tuition is in particularly high demand, and at Blue Tutors we understand the importance of securing excellent GCSE results. Achieving high GCSE grades allows students the opportunity to take the most sought-after A Level courses, and good GCSE grades play an important part in university applications. Performing well in GCSEs helps to secure your child's future.

Our GCSE Tutors

We have some of the finest GCSE tutors in the country. The majority of our tutors are graduates of Oxford and Cambridge universities, and achieved outstanding GCSE exam results themselves. This means that they know what it takes to get top grades, and are exceptionally committed and hardworking individuals. They understand the pressure of exams, and can help prepare students for the challenges ahead in a calm and confident way. Our tutors are very familiar with GCSE syllabuses and the Scottish Standard Grade, and teach students how to work the material into excellent exam answers. Our GCSE tutors offer:

Whether you have hired tutors in the past, or are new to private tuition, our tutors will work with your child to help them achieve their potential.

GCSE Subjects

We have a wide range of tutors who are qualified to teach many different subjects. The diagram to the left shows that GCSE Maths Tutors are most commonly requested, but this is closely followed by GCSE English tuition, and tutors for GCSE Science (whether it's double award science or tuition for the single sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Many of our tutors specialise in these core subjects and have experience tutoring GCSE students who have gone on to achieve top grades. Of course, we can also provide tuition for the range of other GCSE subjects such as French, History, Spanish, Art, Geography and Religious Studies.

  1. "Good news - Grace who was averaging a C in Government and Politics before she started her tuition, received an A in her results and got into her preferred degree. Yay!"
  2. Christine, London