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Scottish Standard Grade Tutors

Scottish Standard Grades are qualifications taken in Scotland, usually when students are aged between 14 and 16. They are considered to be equivalent to GCSEs in terms of difficulty and content.

Obviously the population of Scotland is relatively small compared to the rest of the UK, so Standard Grade tuition is far less popular a request than GCSE tuition, but we do still have a lot of students who need help with Scottish qualifications, and luckily most of our tutors in Scotland studied under the Scottish system themselves.

After completing their Standard Grades, students are expected to continue onto Scottish Highers, but many people in Scotland consider that jump to be very difficult, and so the Standard Grade is slowly being phased out, and the new Higher Still qualification is replacing the existing Standard Grades and Highers.

Standard Grade Subjects

Generally students will sit 8 subjects, and there are restrictions about which subjects they can choose. All students must study English and Maths, and at least one of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students must also take a Social Science, P.E., Religious Studies and Personal and Social Development.

As at GCSE Maths tuition and English tuition are by far the most common requests we receive at Standard Grade.

Standard Grade Examining Boards

All of Scotland's school qualifications are organised and examined by the Scottish Qualification Authority.

Their website can be found here: SQA

Grading System

Standard Grades have a numeric grading system, where students can receive a score from 1 (the best grade) to 7.

  1. "My son was absolutely thrilled with his History AS result. He got 86% in Italian and German and 66% in Tudor. Having been predicted a C in modern history, he had to take a double look at his name at the top of the certificate when he saw the A! Thank you so much for your help. It made all the difference. You gave him the confidence he needed to get his ideas down, and the ability to put them across in the required format. He is now determined to keep history on next year and feels he can start the year on a very good footing. We would definitely be interested in employing your help again next year."
  2. Tom, London