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Scottish Highers Tutors

Scottish Highers are qualifications taken by students in Scotland in their 6th year of secondary school, usually following completion of GCSEs or Standard Grades.

Highers work in a considerably different way to A levels or the International Baccalaureate because they are only a one year course. At the end of completing their highers students continuing in education can choose to either sit Advanced Highers, or begin a four year university course in Scotland. Many student make the former choice, because they then have the option to attend a university in England or Wales.

In 1999 there was a reform of the Scottish qualifications, and highers were replaced by the 'Higher Still' qualification. Although still referred to as Highers, this new qualification is designed to give students a smoother transition between Standard Grades and Advanced Highers.

Our only requests for highers tuition tends to be in Scotland, but we know how important those requests can be. Many people feel that there is a large jump from highers to Advanced Highers, and it's important that our tutors help students studying highers to bridge that gap.

Higher Subjects

Similarly to A levels, students have complete choice about which courses they choose to study for their highers. As with any option subjects though, Maths, English and the Sciences are the subjects for which we receive more tuition requests than any other.

Highers Examining Boards

All of Scotland's school qualifications are organised and examined by the Scottish Qualification Authority.

Their website can be found here: SQA

Grading System

Highers are graded from A to D, and fail.

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