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Scottish Advanced Highers Tutors

Scottish Advanced Highers are qualifications taken by students in Scotland in their 7th and final year of secondary school, after completing their Higher qualifications.

Students have a choice at the end of their 6th year to continue on to study Advanced Highers, or to go straight to a Scottish university to complete a 4 year degree course. Many students choose to study Advanced Highers because it opens the door to study at other universities in the UK. Also, the step between Highers and degree level is considered to be very difficult, whereas Advanced Highers have a much better reputation in preparing students for the challenges of a degree course.

Like all Scottish qualifications, we get few tuition requests for Advanced Highers outside of Scotland. However, these students often want a tutor because of the jump in difficulty after their Highers, so we take tutoring Advanced Highers very seriously.

Higher Subjects

Due to their difficulty and extensive syllabuses, students tend to study only three Advanced Highers, and have a choice of which subjects they choose. English, Mathematics and the Sciences remain the most popular subjects (to be studied and to be tutored).

Highers Examining Boards

All of Scotland's school qualifications are organised and examined by the Scottish Qualification Authority.

Their website can be found here: SQA

Grading System

Highers are graded from A to C, and fail.

  1. "My son was extremely happy, the lessons were brilliant. He'd never enjoyed the work before, but was enthused after one lesson. He nearly got full marks in one of his exams."
  2. Mrs S, Stourbridge