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Subjects and Prices


We have tutors for every qualification, including GCSE tutors, A Level tutors, and Degree level tutors.

Our most popular subjects at GCSE and below are English, Maths and Science and at higher levels what is popular to be studied is popular to be requested to be tutored. We regularly tutor specialisations at undergraduate and masters level, and many of our tutors also offer instrumental tuition.

There are no subjects with which our tutors can't help and we encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions.


Primary Level,
Key Stage 1-2,
Under 11
Key Stage 3,
Scottish Standard Grade,
11+/Common Entrance
A/AS Level, IB,
Scottish Higher and
Advanced Higher
Standard Rate£36£42£45£51£45
Premium Rate£55£70£75£90£75

All prices above are per hour of tuition.

For home visits there is an extra charge of £7 per visit. Occasionally we may find a tutor that may need more or less for travel. If so we will confirm any change in travel expenses with you before any lessons have been booked.

Multiple Students

If there is more than one student per lesson then there is an extra charge for each additional student but no more extra charges after 5 students. See the table below for additional fees.
No. of Students % Increase in Tuition Fee
2 40%
3 55%
4 60%
5 65%
6 70%

  1. "Gemma is absoultely fantastic! She's a godsend! Her teaching is brilliant, I really couldn't fault her. I couldn't have found anyone better."
  2. Ms Z, London