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Our Maths Tutors

Finding a maths tutor through us is easy. Once you've made your request we reach out to all of the maths tutors in your area and find someone who perfectly matches your requirements. Our goal is to ensure that your course of lessons runs as smoothly as possible, so we look for a tutor who can fit in with your schedule, and someone who lives relatively close to you. You can also request online tuition if that makes the logistics easier.

Why a Blue Tutors Maths Tutor?

The majority of our tutors are from Oxford or Cambridge University where they were taught by some of the leading mathematicians in the world. The result is a passion for maths and a deep understanding of the subject which they want to pass on to their students. Your maths tutor is likely to be a maths graduate or have a science degree with a strong maths element such as physics, engineering or economics and he/she will be able to show how maths is used in the real world, and the value of studying it.

A Maths Tutor to Suit You

We have a diverse group of maths tutors; some are very experienced and some are recent graduates. We encourage you to tell us which type of tutor you think would work best. Some people prefer a young maths tutor who might empathise better with a school student, and others look for a tutor who has years of experience. The choice is yours. GCSE maths tutors and A Level maths tutors are the most demanded levels, but we cover every level from primary school to degree level. The academic excellence of our maths tutors means that we can help you with any level and any subject: mechanics, statistics or pure maths. Below is a random selection of three of our maths tutors.

    • Tutor Photo
    • Samuel Byng
    • Full Profile
        • BA
        • Natural Sciences: Chemistry
        • University of Cambridge
        • 2019
      1. Private Tuition: 65 hours
      2. School Teaching: 20 hours
      3. Classroom Assisstant: 30 hours
    • Hi there, my name is Sam. I'm an enthusiastic and organised recent Chemistry graduate, tutoring Maths and Chemistry up to A-level standard over the next 6 months. I aim to ensure students have a solid.....
    • Tutor Photo
    • Taren Rughooputh
    • Full Profile
        • BA
        • Mathematics
        • University of Cambridge: Jesus College
        • 2019
      1. School Teaching: 41 hours
    • Hi there, my name is Taren! I am a recent Mathematics graduate from the University of Cambridge. I am keen to be able to help you succeed in your academic studies and become confident in your abilitie.....
    • Tutor Photo
    • Gabriel Robert-Tissot
    • Full Profile
        • Degree: 1st Year
        • Biological Natural Sciences
        • University of Cambridge: Emmanuel College
        • 2019
    • I am an undergraduate student studying Biochemistry at Cambridge, I've been through all the pain of A-Levels, GCSEs and end of year exams so I know how they work and how to do well in them. I hope th.....
  1. "My son has showed great improvement as a result of Hannah's tuition, so much so that I have had several enquiries from other parents also wishing to provide extra tuition for their children."
  2. Ms S, London