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Tuition Guidelines


You can view potential tutees by clicking on the 'new jobs' link once you have logged in, and if we think that you are particularly suited to a tutee then we will also send you an email to notify you. Once you have read through a new tutee's details then you can either accept, conditionally accept or decline them.

If more than one tutor has accepted or conditionally accepted a tutee then we or the tutee may choose which tutor is most suitable. If that's you then we will send you their contact details and you should attempt to contact the tutee by email and by phone within 48 hours to arrange a first lesson and let us know once you have done so.


If a first lesson has been arranged between you and a tutee, you must tell us:

1) If any details change regarding that first lesson.

2) How you feel that the first lesson went, and details regarding future lessons.

3) If there are any changes to your lessons (e.g. frequency and duration of lessons, significant gaps between lessons, an end to your lessons).

Despite regularly speaking to all of our tutees, we ask you not to assume that we are aware of something unless you have told us about it.