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Tuition Rate Information

How is my tuition rate worked out?

To decide on a tutor's rate we use a combination of different criteria. They include:
Feedback scores received from students
The number of lessons taught to past students
Your experience and qualifications
Having a full profile (profile photo, DBS Check etc.)
How professional and diligent you are when dealing with Blue Tutors and making updates for your students

There are some minimum requirements to be promoted to the premium rate. For example, you must have taught at least 30 lessons, and have 10 pieces of feedback. These levels have been set to ensure that we have enough information to make a decision about whether to promote you to the premium rate; you won't necessarily be promoted as soon as you've taught 30 lessons, but that doesn't mean that we have labelled you as a bad tutor; the 31st lesson may well tip you over the edge.