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Your Personal Safety

It is very important that our tutors are as happy as possible when they’re teaching, and this requires them to feel safe and secure when travelling to, and during a lesson.

Each of our clients must supply a postal address, and a telephone number, and if we identify anything that we consider to be inappropriate or misleading in a client’s request then we will not search for a tutor for them. Unfortunately we are restricted in how far we can look into someone’s background, and we’re not allowed to perform a background check on a client. However, we have never had an incident where a tutor has been endangered by a student, and private tutoring is generally very safe.

Steps you can take to ensure your safety

1. Investigate a student’s location before agreeing to tutor them.
If you won’t feel happy travelling to a student’s home then don’t do it. You’re not required to teach anyone in a location where you will be uncomfortable. You should think about this before accepting the student, and also about how you’ll feel in winter when it’s likely to be dark while you’re travelling.

2. Arrange your first meeting at a neutral venue.
It’s not unusual to meet with a student and/or a parent for the first time in a coffee shop, or somewhere similar. If you’re concerned about visiting someone’s home before ever meeting them, then arrange a neutral, unpaid meeting first.

3. Arrange a phone call to confirm that you’re happy.
If you do travel to someone’s home before meeting them, it’s perfectly reasonable to explain that you have to make a phone call to a friend, to explain that you’re safe and happy. Leave your phone on, and call your friend five minutes into the lesson to confirm that there are no problems.

4. Speak to us.
If you have any concerns at all about your safety then please let us know as soon as possible. We love that our tutors honour commitments to their students, but you shouldn’t do this at the expense of your security. If you are worried about anything at all then just let us know.

  1. "I would like to say that both Sarah and Joel have been fantastic - both helpful and reliable. They both came to lessons prepared - with a lesson plan and knowing the correct syllabus. They seem to be teaching my daughter some helpful complex concepts that would be otherwise difficult to grasp alone. I have spoken to Sarah about what would be helpful for Rochele and she listened and tried to address those issues. She has helped my dauther with developing writing skills, widening her vocabulary and learning essential English concepts and meanings. I also wanted to ensure my daughter didn't feel overwhelmed in June when the exams come, Sarah listened and came up with some ideas. She has been showing my daugher exam questions to get her used to the type of questions she will be asked in June. I was very happy with this. Sarah has worked hard whilst teaching my daughter - she has been consistant in her work and thorough. My daughter enjoys her lessons and looks forward to seeing her. Joel has worked particularly hard on teaching difficult concepts - he sets my daugher homework, which is helpful. I have also spoken to Joel about what would be helpful for Rochele and he has listened - and tried to address those issues. He seems to have a clear structure to the lessons. He does some work on writing and learning, then he sets some time aside for oral work. I feel that he has put a lot of thought into his teaching. He has also recommended a book which we purchased and my daughter is finding helpful. He has also been consistant in his work, my daughter looks forward to her lessons with him. I think that both Sarah and Joel are assets to your company."
  2. Ms M, Chalk Farm