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Tutoring Coursework

It's important that you understand to what extent you are able to help your students when they are completing coursework. This page is designed to ensure that the help you give is allowed, ethical, and not unfair to other students.

Examining Boards' Standpoint on Coursework Help

Examining boards are very clear on what is allowed with regard to tutors aiding students with their coursework. They say that under no circumstances should a tutor help with a student's work if it will count towards that student's assessed grade. The difficulty with this is that it's quite subjective, and can be interpreted in a number of ways, and potentially abused.

Our Advice

We recommend that you help a student to understand anything as well as you possibly can, but what you must not do is communicate any content which will be repeated as part of a student's coursework.

You may discuss ideas related to the coursework, and take the student through similar questions to those that have to be answered as part of the coursework, but you should not say or write anything which could be 'copied' directly into a piece of coursework.

Think of your help as developing a student's skill to tackle coursework, rather than imparting 'new knowledge' which will form part of the coursework.

You should always act ethically and responsibly in these situations, and if you're unsure about anything then we welcome you to discuss your concerns with us.

  1. "I would like to say that both Sarah and Joel have been fantastic - both helpful and reliable. They both came to lessons prepared - with a lesson plan and knowing the correct syllabus. They seem to be teaching my daughter some helpful complex concepts that would be otherwise difficult to grasp alone."
  2. Ms M, Chalk Farm