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Why is a Student No Longer Available?

If you accepted or conditionally accepted a student, and have recently been told that the student is no longer available, or you are unable to find the job online, then this could be for one of the following reasons:

1. The student has chosen another tutor.

This can happen explicitly; the student may have asked to view the tutors who accepted the offer to teach him/her (only tutors qualifications and experience are divulged, no personal details are given out), and decided to begin lessons with another tutor. Alternatively it can happen implicitly; the student may have previously stated to us that they will not consider a tutor who is unable to match their requirements exactly.

2. We have chosen another tutor.

If the student left the final decision to us about which tutor to select for them then we will have chosen the tutor who we believe is the best match for the student. This is based on a tutor’s qualifications, experience, and his/her record as a Blue Tutor.

3. The student has cancelled their request for tuition.

This is unusual, but occasionally a student contacts us to state that they no longer require a tutor, and would like us to stop looking for one.

How do I improve my chances of being selected?

The best thing that you can do is ensure that your qualifications and experience are as extensive as possible, and up to date. We would strongly suggest entering all of your qualifications at GCSE level and above (or the equivalent). It will also help if you encourage your past and current students to give feedback on the teaching that you done for them.

It’s important to be aware that at the start of the academic year almost all of our tutors are keen to take on students, so you may find it difficult in September and October to get as many students as you would like. However, you shouldn’t be disheartened; we receive a steady flow of new students throughout the academic year, and if you’re patient then it’s likely that you will be teaching the students you want very soon.

What if I haven't heard about a student that I accepted?

If you can still view the student’s details on the new opportunities page then it’s likely that we are trying to contact that student to confirm whether they would like you as their tutor or not. This may be because you have made a conditional acceptance, and we need to confirm that the student is happy with your condition, or because the student has asked to select the tutor him/herself, and we are in the process of contacting the student so that he/she can do so.

If you can no longer view the student’s details on the new opportunities page then unfortunately it’s likely that the student is no longer available for one of the above three reasons.