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Lesson Cancellations

If a student cancels a lesson within 24 hours then you are entitled to half of the full lesson fee as compensation, and if you cancel a lesson within 24 hours then the student is entitled to receive the next lesson for half of the usual price. This is unless you and the student have agreed upon a different period of notification (please see your Tutoring Agreement for details).

However, we do not advise that you request a cancellation fee on the first occasion when a student cancels a lesson, because this can impair the relationship between you and the student. We suggest that when a lesson is first cancelled you discuss the situation with the student (or their parents if the student is under 18), explain that you are entitled to a cancellation fee, but also that you do not want to claim it for this first cancellation.

Also, if you arrange lessons with the student directly, and the student is under 18 (this is a fairly common situation), then we suggest that, after mentioning the cancellation fee, you confirm all future booked lesson dates with the student's parent.

If a lesson is cancelled by a student for a second time then please let us know if you wish to claim the cancellation fee before you speak to the student about it, so that we are aware of the situation if the student contacts us.

If you have an problems recovering unpaid fees please read our information on recovering unpaid tuition fees.

  1. "The student enjoyed the exposure to the University environment he got by having sessions at his tutor's college. He received an A in Biology, Geography, and History, a B in Chemistry, and a C in Design & Technology. The Chemistry mark was especially impressive as he only started studying chemistry in January."
  2. Mrs M, Oxford