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Help with Recovering Unpaid Tuition Fees and Cancellation Fees

If you have not received a lesson fee from a client, or if you would like to claim a cancellation fee, then you should follow these guidelines.

1) Inform us of the situation (giving us all ofthe relevant details). If you don’t, then we will not be able to support your actions.

2) Contact the client, by phone or by email, and ask them to send you the due amount. You should ensure that you set a date by when you expect to receive the payment (two weeks after the conversation is recommended), and you must inform the client that if they have any disputes or queries then they should contact Blue Tutors directly, either by email ( You may also choose to send the client the following web link:

3) If you have been unsuccessful in contacting the client for more than two weeks, or if payment has not been received by the due date, then with our permission you may send one of the following letters. Please email

Letter requesting unpaid lesson fee
Letter requesting unpaid cancellation fee

If you are still unable to recover the funds then we will advise you on the best way to proceed.

  1. "Brilliant! The tutoring is much better than lessons from school."
  2. Mrs C, London