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Tuition Fees

How much?

Please visit our subjects & prices page for information on our standard prices.

For some students whose courses or requirements do not match a particular category exactly, the rate may differ. When you accept a student you may request that the hourly fee or the travel expenses be changed. Of course, any increase to the fees will be confirmed with the student before you are accepted to tutor them.

Multiple Students

If you are teaching more than one student simultaneously it may be appropriate to charge more per hour. If you are teaching different material, preparing and marking more work and generally are required to put in further work as a result of the extra students we would recommend an increase in the hourly fee. For one extra student we would recommend an increase of up to 40% extra.

Please visit our subjects & prices page for information on our multiple student prices.

If the students are of the same level, learning the same material and your work load is no different than if you were teaching just one student we would recommend that the fees are the same as for one student.

You must always inform us and the client prior to the lesson whenever you feel you need to adjust the lesson fee.

Work outside of lessons

Any work done outside of lessons that is not part of your lesson preparation or homework marking is charged at the same rate as face to face lessons. The client must always be informed of the charges before any work is completed. See online tuition for other potentially relevant information.


You should always be paid at the end of the lesson unless specific arrangments have been made to the contrary. We will inform clients that the lesson fee should be paid in full by cash or transfer - if either of these options are unsatisfactory you must inform us when you accept the offer to tutor the student.

Sometimes your fees will be paid into your bank account directly if the student is paying us directly. We will inform you if this is to be the case.