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Our Student Testimonials

"My son was extremely happy, the lessons were brilliant. He'd never enjoyed the work before, but was enthused after one lesson. He nearly got full marks in one of his exams."
Mrs S, Stourbridge

"I thought the lessons were absolutely fantastic. The tutor gave my daughter confidence, and provided lots of tailored work to suit her needs."
Mr B, London

"The lessons with Ben were excellent, I achieved a 1st in both of my modules with his tuition and think he did a fantastic job. As regards to improvement, I don't think there are any possible suggestions, the lessons were perfectly structured, and were useful every time."
Natalie, London

"Laura is a fantastic tutor and a wonderful person. My daughter loves her lessons and is improving her French. Thank you!"
Mr J, Surrey

"I got an A in politics! Thank you for all your help, I honestly don't think I would have had such success without it."
Lauren, Glasgow

"Lulu ended up getting an A in her psychololgy A level having been predicted a C, and she got 95% in one paper so I was really pleased."
Vicky, London

"The lessons were really good, they went really well. Amy was a lovely girl and went out of her way to help me. I acheived an A grade in my exams."
Beverley, Cambridge

"Thank you so much for putting us in touch with Christina. She is a charming young lady and a wonderful tutor who has helped our son enormously - as well as becoming almost part of the family. We cannot recommend her more highly - and we will certainly recommend - and in fact have already recommended - Blue Tutors to our friends."
Mrs B, London

"Brilliant! The tutoring is much better than lessons from school."
Mrs C, London

"My son got a C in Maths which we're extremely pleased with. Rohit was personable, adapted lessons to fit my son, was always available for support, and was absolutely brilliant – couldn’t ask for more. We enjoyed having him as our tutor."
Mrs R, Croydon

"Ed is brilliant, the lessons are very good."
Mrs B, London

"The tutor you sent is brilliant, thank you so much"
Mrs A, Manchester

"Chris was absolutely brilliant. He's an excellent tutor."
Mrs M, London

"Lessons are fantastic, thank you very much."
Anne, London

"The tutor was fantastic - I learnt a huge amount, let’s hope it pays off in the exams - thank you."
Mary, London

"Harry was brilliant, the lessons were fantastic. My son improved lots and said he couldn’t have done it without him. He set him work, marked his work, came on time. Harry was so good."
Mrs K, Hertfordshire

"We are extremely happy with your tutors. They were all of exceptional quality and even my son, who was not too sure whether to have chemistry tutoring, was very enthusiastic about the help he got and doesn't find his goal of an A so daunting anymore. I am also sure that any grade my daughter will get will be at least one higher then she would have achieved otherwise."
Mrs D, Milton Keynes

"Our tutor Pippa covered everything. She is a blessing to us. Alek (the boy who never passed a test) passed his maths test with 95%!!! Also he passed his science test yesterday with really good results! WE ARE SO HAPPY! Thank to Pippa. Thank you for your help Blue Tutors!"
Ewa, Oxford

"Jan got an A in his GCSE Maths, so I was very pleased, and he expressed his gratitude for the tuition, and how it helped him and gave him the confidence he needed to gain such an achievement."
Phil, Middlesex

"Just to let you know got an A in Maths! Very Happy! I Got 77/100 on my Mechanics paper and 88/100 and 89/100 in C1 and C2 respectively. Thank you once again for all your help! I wouldn't have got those results without your help!"
Eleanor, Harrow

"Good news - Grace who was averaging a C in Government and Politics before she started her tuition, received an A in her results and got into her preferred degree. Yay!"
Christine, London

"Emily has been great and has helped my son a lot. He took his resits recently and was so much more confident. I am sure he will improve his AS level grade. My son and Emily definitely clicked as they are the same age group."
Mrs B, Essex

"The tutor was really good, good for my son. Knows his stuff, made him work, and was always there when he said he would be. He was very good."
Mrs D, London

"Nick discovered on Friday that he has passed. Thank you so much for all help. He really enjoyed working with you. You helped restore his battered confidence."
Mrs W, York

"Christina had her first tutorial yesterday with my daughter and it was very successful. Thank you for arranging two excellent tutors."
Ms G, London

"Gemma is absoultely fantastic! She's a godsend! Her teaching is brilliant, I really couldn't fault her. I couldn't have found anyone better."
Ms Z, London

"Sarah was a great success thank you. My son, who doesn't really like maths, was greatly encouraged by her approach and is now very positive about Maths IGCSE. He said the lessons were very enlightening as she explained the problems he was encountering extremely well. She was very punctual, personable and I couldn't receommend her more highly. Thank you."
Ms B, London

"The lessons are going very well and we are very impressed by Mary. She is also very nice and seems to take a real interest in Daisy's progress. It is unthinkable that we would use another tutor! Daisy was not enjoying art history before but is now more interested and confident."
Ms M, London

"I would just like to say that Martin has given so much confidence to my son. He is always on time, full of enthusiasm, energy and ideas. Ryan feels that receiving the additional tuition from Martin has almost certainly guaranteed him a higher grade."
Ms L, Sutton

"The classes from all your tutors so far are brilliant."
Mr H, Oxford

"Your tutor has been quite helpful especially for reviewing the personal statement and preparation towards interview. She has been flexible to adjust to our timings and I can't thank her enough for travelling all the way to Slough for the final session last week. I will recommend her to my friends in future."
Mr T, Slough

"I am very happy with your tutor, things are going well."
Mr P, London

"The lessons have been of great help for my daughter. She already knows about the French result of the mock exams and she had A*. Thank you for your help, and as usual the teachers have been very polite and helpful for my daughter."
Ms A, Cambridge

"I just thought you would like to know that the Media Studies tutor you sent for my son is not only a lovely lady but also very caring and keen to help. It's lovely to know that my son looks forward to her tutor classes and feels he can relate any problems he is having with the subject to her. She takes a real interest in helping my son and we feel we are lucky to have found a marvellous Media tutor."
Mrs S, Woodford Green

"The tutor is amazing and very helpful. Many thanks"
Mrs K, Highgate

"She is lovely and a very good tutor. My daughter is very happy with her. Many thanks"
Mrs S, Wheatley

"Thank you for your assistance, the tutor was reliable and very knowledgeable......we would recommend him, he knew his subject excellently."
Mrs G, Stanmore

"He is an excellent tutor and my son likes his tutoring."
Ms E, Cambridge

"He is an excellent teacher and we are very happy indeed with his skill - so many thanks."
Ms R, London

"Charlotte is an excellent tutor and my daughter's grades have improved as a result."
Ms M, London

"Olivia is wonderful, she is helpful, sympathetic, on time and I would highly recommend her Thank you "
Ms M, London

"My daughter is very happy to have Karina. She is a very good english teacher. Many Thanks."
Ms S, London

"We are again delighted with Hannah's work and she is reliable, always punctual and is helping my son prepare for his GCSE mocks very effectively."
Ms H, London

"We continue to be extremely happy with William. Personable, and a very good tutor! Many thanks."
Ms B, London

"The german lessons with Anna are excellent."
Dr W, Oxford

"Harriet has been effective, intelligent and pleasant. My daughter has enjoyed her lessons."
Mrs W, London

"Kelly is doing a great job! Thanks."
Dr S, Cambridge

"I would like to say that both Sarah and Joel have been fantastic - both helpful and reliable. They both came to lessons prepared - with a lesson plan and knowing the correct syllabus. They seem to be teaching my daughter some helpful complex concepts that would be otherwise difficult to grasp alone."
Ms M, Chalk Farm

"Claire is an excellent tutor."
Ms G, London

"Ellie is very friendly and my daughter was pleased with her attitude and guidance."
Mrs M, London

"Lessons are going fine and Laura is very professional and effective."
Ms B London

"So far I'm happy with my son's new tutor. Linda is building raport with him. She has been flexible in making her services available, so that our schedules can coincide."
Mrs T, Oxford

"I would like to thank you for a wonderful tutor. Frank interacted very well with my daughter, she felt very comfortable being taught by him, he is very honest, professional and friendly. If we do need any further tutoring I would not hesitate in selecting Frank again."
Ms A, London

"I am pleased to confirm that the lessons are going very well."
Mr C, London

"Jamie is good - prompt, conscientious, presntable."
Ms S, London

"My daughter found Becky to be helpful, friendly and approachable. We would be happy to recommend her."
Mrs W,Cambridge

"Douglas is an excellent tutor. My daughter is very much enjoying the lessons, and her confidence in her ability in English literature has been restored since having lessons with Douglas. We are really delighted and feel lucky to have him - so thank you!"
Mrs D, London

"We were very happy with Ian. We always found him accommodating and knowledgeable with a great ability to teach, communicate, and make students enjoy learning a language. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a tutor."
Ms P, Oxford

"We are absolutely delighted with Alex. He is a joy to have in the house and he and my son get on very well. He finds Alex's method of tutoring very easy to understand and definitely so far so good". "
Mrs M, Surrey

"I am happy with the work that Tom is doing and I think he is a very professional and effective teacher."
Daisy, Dartford

"We are very happy with your tutors."
Mrs K, London

"I have been very impressed with Michael. He has been very helpful."
Dr H, London

"Sarah is a great tutor - we are very happy"
Ms D, London

"My daughter has greatly benefited from the lessons"
Mrs F, Oxford

"Thank you very much for the two great teachers that you have provided us with. Both are very good."
Mrs M, Hendon

"All three tutors have been very reliable, pleasant and keen."
Mrs O, London

"My daughter has been doing well with her tutor, and enjoyed her lessons. Many thanks for your help"
Ms H, London

"We are very pleased with the work your tutor is doing with our two boys. She is building their confidence and ironing out difficulties"
Ms H, Cambridge

"We are very happy with our tutor, he is a delightful young man and my son seems to get on very well with him. He is very professional in his approach and very flexible."
Mrs B, Kingston

"Our tutor is excellent."
Dr G, Oxford

"I am happy to inform you that I am finding the tutoring fruitful and enjoyable. My tutor is professional and a pleasure to work with."
Mr C, London

"All three tutors are very good. James and Elisabeth have been particularly thorough, preparing the lessons in great detail, and really caring about the outcome. I am, so far, very pleased with their assistance and professionalism."
Mrs G, Oxford

"My tutor was very helpful."
Ms S, Swansea

"My son found Julia extremely helpful. He has only had a handful of lessons but he is certainly enthusiastic about working with Julia. She has a great approach putting him at ease and giving him the confidence he needs. It's early days but I am hopeful Julia will get my son back on track and we look forward to her support in the new year. Many thanks."
Ms T, Brentford

"Our tutor is a true professional and a credit to your organisation. Kindly express our gratitude and wish we could have her for much longer."
Mrs F, London

"My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with Paul; he explains clearly, gives her the support she needs to gain confidence and makes the tuition valuable with humour to help. I am most grateful to Paul for being a first class tutor. Thank you."
Mrs C, Cambridge

"We are very happy with our tutor."
Mrs W, Royston

"Our tutors, Lucy and Gary, have been quite wonderful with my daughter. The standard of teaching is perfect... She is learning and having fun. Thank you, they are both delightful, long may it continue."
Mrs T, London

"Our tutor seems to be very good and has built up a good rapport with my daughter - we are very happy with his lessons so far."
Mrs H, Birmingham

"I have passed your name to others for tutoring, one I believe has booked with you, and I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone else."
Ms B, London

"My daughter is enjoying her classes and finds her tuition encouraging, informative and helpful. A real find!"
Mrs B, Ruislip

"I am extremely happy with Hannah, she's an excellent tutor. "
Ms S, London

"The tutor has been a tremendous help to my son and we have seen the benefits already, so thank you for the introduction"
Mrs U, Bury St Edmunds

"The lessons were really good - he was very thorough, very patient and very nice."
Holly, Hungerford

"The tutor is working out brilliantly"
Samantha, London

"She is an excellent tutor and we are glad to have her"
Mrs M, Cambridge

"The tutor was fantastic!"
Mr W, London

"I would like to say that I find Charlotte's lessons to be a very high standard. It's a pleasure to have her as an English tutor for my daughter, she finds the lessons intriguing and very helpful."
Anna, London

"James is a very good teacher. He has been very helpful and thoughtful in his approach with my daughter."
Melanie, London

"I am very happy with my tutor!"
Ms H, Twickenham

"My daughter has found her tutor to be invaluable, amiable and very useful for her A level course, we would highly recommend her."
Julie, Oxford

"Adam is a truly lovely lad & absolutely ideal for our Son. We would highly recommend him to anyone."
Mark, Reading

"Your tutor is lovely, positive and reliable - and so popular with my son that he even made the choice to have a lesson during half term."
Mrs D, London

"Stephanie is doing brilliantly - always well prepared, has a good rapport with my daughter and has brought up her grades."
Nicola, cambridge

"The tutor is unbelievably brilliant!"
Carol, London

"The tutor's work is well prepared and clear, and he has a system which works really well. He is perfect for our son, and I am really pleased that you found him for us."
James, Chelmsford

"Lucy's help was extensive and thourough. She was very understanding, friendly and concise with me and really tried her best to help me. Her knowledge on the texts, topics and period of time (the Renaissance) which I was covering for my dissertation was brilliant. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to any other student in need of help... Many thanks."
Lorna, Bristol

"The tutor was outstanding."
Prof S, London

"My son has taken his last exam today. I'd like to take this opportunity to let you know that my son is very happy with the lessons he has taken with Chris, and warmly recommends him."
Dr L, Oxford

"I think Juliet is an excellent tutor and has helped me a lot to improve my grade in history. She was always postive towards me in my lessons and explained information to me which helped me gain more knowledge for my history exam. She set me homework which improved my writing ability to achieve a high standard of work. Thank you "
Ms P, Stanmore

"I would like to say how very much my daughter has appreciated the lessons and help Diana has given her. She has been an excellent tutor."
Mary, London

"The tutor was very good and my son feels that the tuition has helped him"
Ms J, London

"Keith has been very helpful. I was impressed by his effort. The lessons were always planned, and he would have various sheets to help me."
Natalie, Cambridge

"I have currently fnished my degree so I no longer require the use of Blue Tutors, but it has been a really useful service. Your tutor was of great help and I would definately recommend you to my friends."
Anna, Oxford

"The Maths lessons with Andrew went very well, he was great and gave my daughter a lot of confidence. We will keep in touch in case she needs a few more confidence boosters... Thanks."
Dr A, Winchester

"I thought Richard was a great tutor. He explained areas that were problematic to me and broke them down in ways I could easily grasp. I am glad he was able to tutor me because I feel satisfied and confident to take on my exams."
Mr F, London

"He was really great, adapting to my needs quickly and so helpful and teaching with great methods! Thank you very much for arranging him for me! "
Anna, London

"The student enjoyed the exposure to the University environment he got by having sessions at his tutor's college. He received an A in Biology, Geography, and History, a B in Chemistry, and a C in Design & Technology. The Chemistry mark was especially impressive as he only started studying chemistry in January."
Mrs M, Oxford

"I wish to thank you for sending a truly good tutor to assist our son in maths and the science subjects."
Ms S, London

"I think that Nick is a very good teacher, and I learned a lot with him."
Ms V, London

"My son was absolutely thrilled with his History AS result. He got 86% in Italian and German and 66% in Tudor. Having been predicted a C in modern history, he had to take a double look at his name at the top of the certificate when he saw the A! Thank you so much for your help. It made all the difference."
Tom, London

Our tutor Pippa is amazing 10 out of 10!
Mrs B, Oxford

"The lessons went well. I was impressed by how quickly my son got on in his lessons, and he seemed to like Kim very much. We're hoping he will continue in the future..."
Dr L, Cambridge

"The tutor is wonderful and my son enjoys these study periods immensely."
Pauline, Cambridge

"Really really really good. She was an excellent tutor."
Ms S, Croydon

"We are very pleased with Debbie. Her teaching is imaginative and logical My daughter seems to be settling with her well."
Mrs H, Epsom

"My son has showed great improvement as a result of Hannah's tuition, so much so that I have had several enquiries from other parents also wishing to provide extra tuition for their children."
Ms S, London

"My son enjoyed having lessons with his tutor. She is a brilliant teacher at what she does."
Ms T, Wembley

"Matt is doing a great job with my daughter, and we are happy with him."
Mrs B, London

"In terms of feedback on Gareth, I couldnt be more complimentary. Gareth was an absolutely indispensable resource during this revision period. He took me from a fail and almost no knowledge or ability in maths to a very strong handle on the subject and allowed me to ensure that I passed this vital exam and can proceed to the second year."
Mr O, London

"We have been very pleased with Annette's help and will be continuing to use her services over the months ahead."
Mrs H, London

"Both my son and I have used your services in the past and have only praise about the quality of the tutors you provided. I have now graduated from occupational therapy, and am in full employment; my son has achieved five As."
Ms H, London

"We've managed to finish all the revision for the AS Maths course and I feel pretty confident now. I think she's an exceptionally good teacher and has managed to fix my weaknesses and boosted my confidence. I thank you for recommending her to me."
Mr A, London

"I think I was very lucky to have Andie as a Tutor. She was very clear in her explanation and focussed on the parts which needed improvement. I felt I made good progress, moreover, I enjoyed the lessons!"
Mr H, London

"We would definitely use your service for other subjects in the future and would recommend your website to other parents. Thank you for your help."
Ms H, London

"Tara is no longer teaching my daughter maths - but only because she did such a fantastic job over the summer getting her up to speed to start her new school - she did herself out of a job! I would not hesitate to use her again or to recommend her to others. She is patient, innovative and makes the lessons interesting and fun."
Ms F, Cambridge

"Sarah has been amazing. I don't really know what else to say. I was a hopeless case, now I'm in my 3rd year at university. But i'm afraid I don't need her assistance any more."
Mr T, London

"I am very happy with your tutor's tuition lessons for my son. With his help my son achieved a high B for his AS level. Thank you"
Ms S, London

"Jeremy has been by far the best tutor we have seen. He is the only tutor who has studied the exact subject which he teaches. While the other three were undoubtedly competent to teach the relevant subjects, I think it does make a difference if the tutor has studied the exact subject which he or she is teaching."
Miss P, London

"We're very happy with the tutor you have provided us. She's excellent."
Mr T, Surrey

"Both tutors are outstanding - my daughter has just had an offer of a place to study Classics at LMH Oxford."
Brenda, London

We are delighted with Chris. Our son passed the Oxford Test and has now received an offer from Oxford to read Maths. Chris seemed to understand exactly what assistance our son needed, and provided it. Thank you for recommending him to us.
Mr P, Kent

"I would like to say a big thank you for providing us with an excellant tutor, Richard, for Maths and Physics. My son did exceptionally well and came top of his year with a score of 94% for phisics in year 10. He takes his IGCSE next year. I can't say enough good things about Richard."
Mrs S, London

"I would like to say a big thank you to Blue Tutors for introducing Paul as a maths tutor for our daughter. Paul has made a huge difference in how Julia has managed to cope with her maths A Levels. She had struggled with an uninspiring teacher at school which left her in desperate need of someone who listened to what she needed, to enthuse her about maths and to help her keep momentum."
Mr C, Cambridge

"I will like to say a big thank you to Peter and pass on our gratitude for nurturing Joanna through the past 2 years. He has been inspiring for her and a friend. Joanna will let him know her results which I hope will reflect the time, effort and enthusiasm that he contributed."
Sally, Cambridge

"Just to say thank you for sending us Edward. He is really helping our son to understand the maths concepts he struggled with. Edward explains clearly, effectively and with great patience. Our son is feeling more confident with this subject and is even enjoying his lessons with Edward. We highly recommend him."
Clare, London

"I thought Helena was very good and Lucy really liked her. Lucy has definitely improved since Helena started teaching her."
Mrs R, London

"My son tells me that, "Oliver's tuition on History was very interesting and useful. It was highly influential in the way I developed my essay structure and the tuition was directly helpful to my exams". We found Oliver to be reliable and he helped to improve my son's confidence and essay writing skills enormously. We were delighted with the tuition he provided."
Mrs W, London

"Just wanted to say thank you for your help with daughter no. 1 through GCSE and A Levels - she's now off to Oxford, so maybe one day will offer her services as a Blue Tutor!"
Ms R, London

"Jess has been an outstanding tutor for my daughter Ellie, preparing her extremely well for her GCSE Maths. We couldn't recommend her more highly."
Mr H, Oxford

"Both Alexandra and Louise were very helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend blue tutors to anyone."
Jamie, Cambridge

"I would like to say a giant thank you to my tutors and your organisation for the help that you have provided to me over the years!I have been with Blue Tutors for a number of years now and I cannot thank you enough for all your help, care and support."
Michelle, London

"I have to say I was very sceptical about using Skype online in this way as was my son but I must say it has been extremely useful. Ian has enjoyed his sessions and found them extremely useful. He has worked hard and improved his exam technique with Suzy. I am very impressed. I especially liked the brief report I received from her for each session."
Mrs A, London

"We couldn't be happier and we would highly recommend Rosie to any potential client."
Mrs W, Farnham

"My son Leo really benefited and enjoyed Jeremy’s lessons! They were brilliant- organised and tailored to my son’s needs. Leo has taken his exam and got an A*. Thank you very much for providing such a fantastic tutor - I can not recommend him highly enough!"
Ms J, London

Thank you very much for your help - my daughter is really enjoying the lessons with Anastasia and we already see very positive results!
Mrs A, London

Anna Ryan has been tutoring my daughter in Maths and she is really excellent! My daughter's grade went up 2 levels from 5 to 7 in GCSE grades, over the course of two mock exam periods. Anna is a great teacher, very patient, with clear explanations. She is extremely professional and we've really appreciated working with her.
Mrs W, Cambridge

Oisin is a great tutor and his lessons have made a huge impact on Mai’s performance (which was visible in her great improvement in grades). I would strongly recommend Oisin to others.
Mrs M, London

Matt was a great tutor - really helped my son out. Well worth the fees.
Mr C, London

I’ve finished my exams and presently don’t need anymore tutoring. Mairi has been fantastic, really thorough and helpful.
Eva, London

"Pete could not have done more for my daughter, Lily. She would not have passed the entrance exam without him."
Louise, Cambridge

  1. "I would like to thank you for a wonderful tutor. Frank interacted very well with my daughter, she felt very comfortable being taught by him, he is very honest, professional and friendly. If we do need any further tutoring I would not hesitate in selecting Frank again."
  2. Ms A, London