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Blue Tutors, a History

Blue Tutors was started in 2004 by Peter Edwards. Peter was working as a tutor in London after leaving university and, like many graduates, felt unsure of which career path to follow. He decided to take some time out and tutor students in and around London whilst thinking about his long-term future. Peter quickly realised that he had a passion for teaching, and wanted to create a new tuition agency which focused on high quality tuition.

Cambridge Tutors UK was born, and after overcoming the difficulties that all new companies face, there was a real sense of satisfaction when the first, of now thousands, of positive testimonials came our way. The following year Peter launched Oxford Tutors UK because of the request from so many Oxford graduates to join our organisation.

In 2008 the Oxbridge agencies were combined to Blue Tutors; a name that reflects our roots, but makes our organisation open to everyone. We were concerned with appearing elitist, and realised that there are so many great teachers who we were previously unable to take on. However, due to the success of our unique groundbreaking assessment system that has been developed over the years, we were confident in maintaining the same high standard of teaching that we have always strived to achieve.

Since 2004 we’ve grown to over 7,500 tutors, and more than 19,000 students. We work mainly with students who are currently at school, providing one-to-one tuition in the evenings and weekends, in support of their studies. However, we also tutor adults and University students; the wide range of talents among our tutors means that there’s rarely a situation where we’re unable to help.

Our focus has always been on two things; ensuring that each of our tutors upholds the highest teaching standards, and finding the best tutor for you, someone who meets your needs completely.

If you’re interested in reading more about the way in which our tutors are trained to teach then please read Tutoring Standards' Pedagogy.

  1. "He was really great, adapting to my needs quickly and so helpful and teaching with great methods! Thank you very much for arranging him for me! "
  2. Anna, London