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More About Blue Tutors

Why choose Blue Tutors?

A question that we are often asked is what sets us apart from any other tuition agency.

It's a sad fact that many graduates do not continue in academia once they leave University. This is sad because for many of them academia is exactly the area in which they excel. When you consider many professional occupations outside of teaching – solicitor, doctor, sportsperson; each of these professions is highly competitive and recruits only the finest applicants. We think that teaching should be exactly the same. The group of people who were at the top when studying for their GCSEs and A-levels should surely be the group from which we pick teachers to teach those qualifications.

Whichever subject you would like tuition for, you should ask whether you want your tutor to have achieved top marks in that subject when they studied it. If the answer is yes, then we are the people who you should talk to.

At this stage I imagine that you will be thinking: ‘yes, but there is a difference between being good at something and being able to teach it’. We completely agree, and an outstanding academic record is not the only reason that our tutors are so good at what they do.

We have tutors who are qualified teachers, tutors with vast experience of one-to-one tuition and tutors who are educational research students. These are obviously beneficial backgrounds, but something which we cannot emphasise enough is the importance of your happiness with the personality and communication skills of your tutor. We recruit many of tutors as they are leaving University, which means that allied with the skills mentioned above, we are able to provide tutors who are closer to the ages of school students. Many of our tutees love being able to talk to their tutor as an equal, someone who they can relate to, and someone who is very familiar with the modern day experience of studying for GCSEs and A-levels.

Most importantly, we will find a tutor who is perfect for you.

  1. "We continue to be extremely happy with William. Personable, and a very good tutor! Many thanks."
  2. Ms B, London