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Your child's education is as important to us as it is to you. If you would like lessons from one of our tutors please contact us or fill in our find a tutor form. We will endeavour to contact you within one working day.

What we can do for you

If you are unsure about our tuition process or how our lessons work, please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to answer all of your queries. We can give advice, and suggest various options that are available to you. We will endeavour to provide exactly what you need, and if we cannot, we will say so.

For more information about our services please visit our about us page to learn why we are the perfect choice for your child, or visit our more about us page.

Tuition Advice

If you are receiving tuition already, or hope to have a tutor soon, we have someguidelines about how you can make the most out of the lessons. Click here for our advice on making the most out of tuition.

If you have young children who are in, or are about to go into, primary school you may find it helpful to read our advice for parents with primary school children.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We have a very clear and strong view on the best teaching methods in a one-to-one lesson, and they are designed so that a tutor has to tailor their teaching to each individual student. Each of our tutors must prove that they are capable of putting these methods into practice when attending an assessment.

The way in which we assess our tutors is objective, and creates a benchmark for every tutor and student. Tutors are given a tutoring level as a result of their assessment, which communicates what you can expect from a tutor.

Student Understanding Work With Tutors Help

To find out more about our tutors' tutoring style and how our tutors are assessed, please visit Tutoring Standards

The the best way to start your lessons quickly is to complete our find a tutor form. This will allow us go find the perfect tutor for you who can meet your needs exactly. You can also view a random selection of our tutors by browsing our featured tutors

  1. "We are again delighted with Hannah's work and she is reliable, always punctual and is helping my son prepare for his GCSE mocks very effectively."
  2. Ms H, London